Master Class Feedback

Zsolt Jankó, conductor

On his Master Course last November in Cluj, we witnessed Michele Kálmándy pinpointing technical and performance problems with the accuracy of a brain surgeon and offering solutions to them in the blink of an eye.

With excellent pedagogical sense, he first underlined the positive traits and only then did he turn to identifying the details that needed further elaboration.

In just a couple of minutes of work, each singer experienced a change in their voices, managing to perform the given piece of music significantly better, as their voices opened up and were filled with colors. It was truly an amazing experience; we look forward to the next occasion!

Milica Stojadinović, soprano – Head of Solo Singing Department at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad

Michele Kalmandy impresses with the way he manages to explain his technique to his students. He is always clear regarding vocal demands, very persistent and willing to explain more than once until the student adopts it and until the desired goal is reached. All the students followed up the course with joy and enthusiasm, and all the professors at the Department of Solo Singing at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad are unanimous in their desire to make Michele Kalmandy’s course become a tradition that would be repeated in the years to come.

Rebecka Johnston, soprano

Kalmandy is not just an amazing singer and person, he’s also a fantastic teacher with the rare ability to properly explain singing technique, encourage and support while being brutally honest – all this through kindness and with a big heart! He makes me more confident and closer to the singer I want to be every session we have.

Astina Bratscher, soprano – BA student

In my second year of solo singing, I had the chance to learn from Michele at a master class. It was a very detailed work. He had a lot of patience and did not spare his knowledge. I learned that my tone, my voice is not only in the head, but it is in the whole body and that I have to sing with my whole body. I realized that I do not need a large amount of breath but just normal breath as in speech. He is a great connoisseur of the Italian language and he taught me the correct pronunciation in the aria. He is a great man and artist, and I thank him from my heart for sharing with me his knowledge and skill.

Nikolina Pušara, soprano – BA student

Working with opera soloist Michele Kalmandy was a real inspiration and motivation for me, and besides that, I solved many dilemmas that I encountered while studying solo singing. He is one of those few singers who have an impressive opera career and also talent to convey their excellent vocal technique unselfishly to everyone. Working with him, I have realized what the complete bel canto technique was made up from, how the lyrics if highlighted could help in building up the position and the constant revival of the appoggio and I also realized that each and every note and word was equally important! In addition, I often recall his picturesque comparison of the Eiffel Tower with the appoggio in various types of male and female voices. Finally, the most important thing is that, besides all his qualities and virtues, besides his excellent knowledge of the bel canto technique and many foreign languages, Michele is a wonderful person indeed, who stands firmly on the ground and talks to everyone with respect, so all these qualities altogether make him an incredible artist! Great hello and all the best! Do invite me to the next master class!

Strahinja Djokić, bass – student at Vecchi Tonelli Institute Modena, honorary soloist at Belgrade National Theatre and Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad

It was a great and valuable experience to work with one of the today’s leading Verdi baritones. In addition to working on the technique, style and language, we also enjoyed the terrific atmosphere. The two key things I brought with me from the master class are a strong motivation like a wind gust in the sails and great inspiration. A big thank you!!!

Ognjen Milivojša, bass-baritone

I’m very happy that I had the opportunity to work with Michele Kalmandy in a master class environment. I always consider it useful to hear what a singer at the height of his successful career has to say, and I was definitely not disappointed.

Michele is a veritable gentle giant, both in voice and stature. He recognized the things in technique I needed to correct at the time and we worked on it accordingly. One cannot turn his own vocal life around in a few short lessons, but I walked away inspired and with an enriched perspective on the art of singing. I still carry around in the back of my head the comparison that climbing one’s range should be like playing the violin – the higher one goes, the smaller and subtler the adjustments one must make. Easier said than done, but boy, do I try :)))

Bernadett Kis-Lukács, soprano

Dear Maestro,

I was truly delighted about the opportunity to participate in your Master Course. I had never received guidance from a male singer before, which is why I knew it was a unique occasion. Furthermore, I like making use of every opportunity that offers me to learn more, and in my experience one can learn from anyone and anything.

Your course was undoubtedly useful for me. I especially appreciated the attitude and the professional precision that you approached each of us and each of the situations with. Personally I am motivated and inspired by repetitive drills, practicing what I am not yet good at, without ever giving up.

I believe working with you has definitely made me develop my singing, because I have managed to understand early on what I needed to change in order to embody the sounds. I have been practicing what I had learned from you ever since.

I would like to say thank you for your patience and for helping me take a leap forward.

Besides being able to sing and put your tips into practice, I have also benefitted a lot from listening to others sing and interact with you. I am convinced that, with the adequate selection, one can learn from such occasions as well.

There are two things that were especially memorable for me at your Master Course: the importance of pronunciation, especially regarding consonants, and finding the roundness of the sound.

It was an honor to work with you!

Renáta Gebe-Fügi, soprano

Dear Maestro Michele Kalmandy,

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be able to finally take part in a “Hungarian” Master Course – it means a lot to me, as this way I remember almost everything without having to take notes.

Ever since your Master Course, I have been trying to have more courage when using my voice, as I understood at the course that there was no need to be overly cautious; “the voice can endure anything” (of course proper singing is still indispensable).

The “canta come si parla” singing technique has opened a new window for me. I tried it on my last performance and it indeed worked, making it a lot easier to convey the message to the audience. Nevertheless, it still requires a lot of practice before I can feel it completely mine.

I would like to say thank you for the great amount of information and advice you gave during this 5-hour-long, intensive Master Course, which was exciting from its start till the very last moments.